Tyra Banks Attending Harvard Business School

Posted by Katie F. on March 14th, 2011

Tyra Banks revealed that she has been attending Harvard Business School since last year. The former supermodel already runs an empire – so, what made her want to go back to school at this point in her life? She wants to do the best job possible at running her company and reaching out to women.

“In order for my company to grow and be the best, and to reach these women, and to serve them, I needed the best. So I went to the best.”

Banks is enrolled in the Owner/President Management Program at Harvard, in which students take part in three-week sessions for three years. The tuition for the program is $31,000 a year, but this expense won’t be a problem for Tyra. In 2009, Forbes magazine named her as one of the highest paid women on television, with an income of $30 million a year.

She also wanted to go back to school after turning down the opportunity earlier in her life. Banks chose to start modeling at the age of 17 and passed up her chance to attend Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

“The day that I put college on hold because I got discovered to go to Paris and try this whole modeling thing … was one of the most difficult decisions of my entire life.”

Attending an Ivy League university is often the last thing expected from a former model and TV personality, but Tyra doesn’t mind when people are shocked at her education.

“When people have low expectations, you’re just constantly going, ‘Ta-da!’ And they’re like, ‘Wow.’ It doesn’t take a lot to wow them when they have low expectations.”

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