Twilight Fans Delight Over Engagement Ring

Posted by Alyssa on April 27th, 2010

This is where the true Twilight fans are separated from well…the normal people. For all those Meyer devotees just dying to slip Bella’s engagement ring from Edward on her (or his, we’re not here to judge) own finger, your time has come. Author, Stephanie Meyer, and Infinite Jewelery Company have co-designed an engagement ring for the movie, now being offered via Infinite’s website. There are reportedly three different price categories depending on your level of Twilight fanaticism: $45 ironically gets you the “Fashion” version. For $479 you can flaunt the “Fine and for $1979 you can own the real deal, complete with genuine diamonds.

If the ring isn’t enough to quell your Twilight craving, Infinite is also selling other Twilight jewelry such as necklaces and watches. For a closer look at this vampire-inspired bauble, just look for the “Eclipse” trailer.

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