Tori Spelling Says She Probably Isn’t Having More Kids!


Tori Spelling seemed to have been constantly pregnant for the last several years and now she says she is done! The actress admits that she is now happy with her family which includes four children – Finn, Hattie, Stella and Liam – and currently doesn’t have any plans to have another pregnancy. She said simply:

“I’m not going to be going through another pregnancy, I don’t plan on it.”

Tori went through a difficult pregnancy with her younger son Finn, suffering from placenta previa, which was possibly caused due to her previous C-sections. She now says she is happy with the size of her family and she has a full house. She admits she feels “blessed” to have the family she has and jut wants to enjoy parenthood at the moment, although she also doesn’t rule out possibly expanding some day in to the future and could even consider adoption if she felt as though she wanted to. Tori said:

Maybe. I have a such a full house right now — a happy house, I’m blessed with the four I have so I want to enjoy what I have. You never know what the future holds, but I’m happy at the moment.”

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