Too much Tequila for Casey Johnson, says Jasmine Lennard

Posted by sparky on January 6th, 2010 has interviewed Jasmine Lennard, the woman in the photo above standing on red carpet next to Casey Johnson, the cute 30-year old socialite heiress who recently died.  And according to Lennard, Tila Tequila, reality TV star and Casey’s fiancee, is a bad seed and a cause of Casey’s problems.

Lennard was at one time a close a friend of Johnson’s (not sure if they were lovers), but later accused the heiress of stealing and got her arrested for grand theft (stealing her car).   After this arrest, Casey was “lost” according to Lennard, who says,

Casey’s family tried desperately to help her,” she said. “There was a car ready 24 hours a day to take her to the best rehab facility in the country. When it came out that Casey had been arrested, she had nobody and was lost. Tila got a hold of her and said, ‘hey, come out with me and we’ll show them!’ For her to die with this reputation, it’s just not her. Tila is a sick, sick girl…. On one occasion she (Tila) called me and a male friend screaming, saying people were breaking into her home. When I arrived, she was naked with a kitchen knife screaming, but no one was there. Everyone who crosses her path suffers consequences.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Tila was a bad influence on Casey.  But based on this interview I don’t have enough information to condemn her, let alone blame her for Casey’s death.   My gut tells me that money is perhaps the root of Casey’s problems.  She never had to struggle or figure or herself out.

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