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Is Tom Cruise Going to Help David Beckham Become an Action Movie Star?


Now that David Beckham has made his retirement official, everyone is wondering what his next career move will be. Will he launch his own fashion label like his wife Victoria? Or does he have something else planned? According to sources, he may be able to use his Hollywood connections to land his first film role. David has been friends with Tom Cruise for a long time now, and according to a report, Tom has often told David that he would make a great action hero (Well, if Arnie can do it!) – so Tom might now be working with David to help him get started. A source said:

“David has always wanted to be an action film star, and Tom promised him a long time ago he can make those dreams come true, David still loves soccer but feels he’s gone about as far as he can in the sport and that now is a great time to transition into film while he’s still young enough to land top-notch roles.”

The insider says that David’s family did try to move away from Tom after he tried to convert them to Scientology but they still keep in touch and Tom is willing to get on board with David’s film plans:

“David and Victoria distanced themselves after Tom began trying to sell them on the idea of Scientology, but David still kept in touch with Tom and believes he’ll stand by his promise to help him become an action star.”

Would you watch a film with David as the lead action hero?