Timbaland Ain’t Got: No Money, Car To Take You On A Date, The Will To Live

Posted by Moxie on August 25th, 2010

Feb 4, 2010; Miami Beach, FL, USA; Timbaland performs at the Super Bowl Fan Jam on South Beach.

This is one of those stories that bounces between shocking and shockingly stupid: TMZ is reporting that Timbaland might have tried to commit suicide yesterday, and it might have been over a piece of jewelry.

According to law enforcement officials, an APB (that’s “all points bulletin” for those of who didn’t attend the prestigious police academy of Law & Order re-runs) was issued in the early evening yesterday, with police cruisers and helicopters dispatched on the lookout for a possibly suicide attempt.

Timbaland’s family had become worried about him after a conversation the rapper had with his brother-in-law earlier in the day, when he mentioned being extremely upset about several things, including a burglary of his home. The item stolen was a Jacob & Co. watch that cost somewhere around $2 million, and Timbaland believed that the theft might have been orchestrated by someone he knew.

After the helicopter located his Escalade, Timbaland was taken by a patrol car back to his home, where he was examined by paramedics and deemed to be of no threat to himself. He called in to Ryan Seacrest’s radio show to address the rumors, saying that he had gone for a drive to clear his head and someone had been overly-concerned, prompting the 911 call. According to sources (i.e. the wishful thinking lobe of my brain) Timbaland was prescribed R&R, with Justin Timberlake to tuck him in, singing “Yeah!” over and over until he’s asleep.

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