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7 Stars Showing too Much Cleavage

Posted by PZ on November 3rd, 2011

These 7 stars clearly don’t know how much is too much, and regularly go out with too much cleavage hanging out. Tila Tequila is probably the worst offender, regularly heading out with nothing more than a thin leather strip covering her up top, while Ice T’s lady Coco is also another star who loves to […]

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5 Celebrities Who Are Bisexual

Posted by Rebecca on August 26th, 2011

Kinsey said we are all bisexual. Yeah, I know, it may be true, but my boyfriend probably doesn’t want to hear that (or does he?). Here’s a list of celebrities who openly admit to being bisexual. Now- they may not wholly live their lives that way, but they say they are, so I’m apt to […]

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15 Trashiest Female Celebrities!

Posted by PZ on June 10th, 2011

Classiness is something we all aren’t born with – these 15 stars are the proof that no matter how famous you are, you can’t buy good taste. These stars have beaten up their overweight boyfriends (Amber Portwood) had multiple surgeries to rearrange their body (Heidi Montag) and popped out countless kids (Octomom). These are the […]

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Morning Links: Tila Tequila and Nick Hogan Hook Up

Posted by PZ on April 28th, 2011

Photo: INFdaily.com Tila Tequila is reportedly dating Nick Hogan after the two met on set Gossip Tila Tequila and Nick Hogan Hook Up – [hollywooddame] Justin Bieber and Mark Wahlberg Making Movie Together – [anythinghollywood] Steven Tyler went into rehab eight times – [earsucker] Prince Harry Posts Royal Wedding Spoof Video – [stupidcelebrities] Donald Trump […]

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7 Celebrities Flipping Off The Paparazzi

Posted by PZ on March 25th, 2011

The paparazzi can often be invasive, so it’s no surprise that celebrities often get angry at them, or at the very least, drop hints that they aren’t happy about being followed. While some pretend they aren’t showing their middle finger, others don’t seem to care about being rude to the photographers and make sure they […]

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10 Reality Stars Who Have Put Out Albums

Posted by Rebecca on November 12th, 2010

…and man, those albums are really good, right? A really good use of money, resources and overall manpower. Thank goodness people are doing things with their lives that matter, right? Anyhow, here are ten reality stars who decided that they’re talented in like, singing and stuff. 1. Heidi Montag Gawd, I can’t even look at […]

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19 Celebrities in Bizarre Outfits

Posted by PZ on October 17th, 2010

Every star makes a fashion faux pas every now and then, but some celebrities have dressed in such a strange outfit, that it has stuck in our memories. From wacky jumpsuits to bizarre accessories – here is a look at the stars who must have thought they looked good, but ended up looking quite the […]

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Tila Tequila Pelted With Rocks and Feces at Concert

Posted by PZ on August 16th, 2010

Tila Tequila was injured after appearing onstage at the “Gathering of the Juggalos” concert. Tila has launched a music career since appearing on the reality show A Shot at Love, and appeared on stage where she began to perform her single named “I Fu*ked the DJ.” The concert goers began to boo Tila, and that’s […]

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Tila Tequila Says Gaga is a Devil Worshipper

Posted by PZ on June 28th, 2010

At this stage, nobody still thinks Tila Tequila is sane – now it’s just a question of how far she’ll go to stay in the limelight. This time, Tila wrote on her blog that she believes a whole bunch of celebrities are in cahoots with the devil. She seems to especially think that Gaga is […]

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Tila Tequila in Las Vegas Promoting Her New Single

Posted by PZ on May 7th, 2010

Tila Tequila is apparently a singer now, and made a stop in Las Vegas to promote and perform her latest single. Tila likes to attract attention by wearing particularly skimpy/weird outfits, nothing to rival Lady Gaga, more a cry for attention. This case was no different, as Tila wore what looks more like a pajamas […]

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43 Celebrity Tattoos

Posted by Angela on April 20th, 2010

Body art is one of the hottest commodities these days.  It seems that tattoo artists are nowadays using their tattoo machines (also known as “irons“) on almost everyone, including celebrities.  Tattoos in particular are a huge trend among Hollywood stars.  Some are known for their many tattoos, but you might be surprised to learn about […]

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Tila Tequila’s Attention Seeking, Staged Shoot at Grocery Store

Posted by PZ on March 30th, 2010

Oh Tila, if this is the length you have to go to to be famous, it’s just not working is it? Tila entered a grocery store recently, wearing a see-through slip dress and kept “accidentally” dropping things right in front of the camera, and then provocatively picking them up. This wasn’t the only stunt that […]

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Tila Tequila’s Possible Miscarriage?

Posted by PZ on February 16th, 2010

When Tila Tequila realised that by telling people she was pregnant, they would expect an actual birth – she decided to use twitter to get herself out of trouble again, this time she managed to fake having a miscarriage. Tila tweeted: “I just woke up in the middle of the night cuz im having these […]

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Tila Tequila Rushed to Hospital After Hitting Her Head

Posted by PZ on February 14th, 2010

Tila Tequila was rushed to hospital last night, after she fell off a chair and “dented” her head. Although Tila was ok after the incident, she ran the emergency services just in case. Tila managed to remain twittering throughout the whole ordeal so I think it’s safe to call this a publicity stunt rather then […]

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Tila Tequila Deleted Her Twitter Account..

Posted by PZ on February 7th, 2010

Tila Tequila deleted her Twitter account recently, calling the social networking site “hateful, racist and violent” but it wasn’t so bad that she managed to stay away from the site.  Tila missed Twitter so much she could only go 4 days before re-joining. Tila Tequila is famous for her shock announcements that she makes via […]

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Tila Tequila Claims to Be Pregnant – Again.. Again..Again..

Posted by PZ on February 1st, 2010

There’s Tila Tequila holding a doll during a really obviously staged paparazzi shoot in a supermarket. Yes, she is wearing a wig. During the really badly staged shoot, Tila poses with the following props: A doll, bundles of cash, a book about motherhood and a baby sized t-shirt. Wow, she sure is proud of being […]

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Tila Tequila says she’s on ‘suicide watch’ for not being invited to Casey Johnson’s funeral

Posted by sparky on January 11th, 2010

Reality star and drama queen Tila Tequila gets the royal diss.  US Magazine reports that Tila wasn’t invited to Casey Johnson’s funeral.  She wasn’t even told where it’s going to be this week.  And she’s so frustrated and depressed that she claims that she can’t sleep and is on ‘suicide watch’. I’m not sure what […]

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Casey Johnson’s Dogs Cause Catfight Between Tila Tequila and Nicky Hilton and Bijou Phillips

Posted by sparky on January 7th, 2010

E! Online is reporting that the police were called to settle an ugly verbal dispute between Tila Tequila and Nicky Hilton and Bijou Phillips over Casey Johnson’s dogs and stuff. Apparently, Nicky and Bijou, two of Casey’s longtime friends, went over to Tila’s house to retrieve Casey’s dogs and some other things that belonged to […]

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Casey Johnson found dead at 30

Posted by sparky on January 5th, 2010

Casey Johnson and Tila Tequila TMZ reports that 30-year old Casey Johnson, Tila Tequila’s fiancee and Johnson and Johnson heiress was found dead.   Her father, Woody Johnson, is the owner of the Jets. Woody Johnson and Casey Johnson The LAPD has done a preliminary death investigation and they claim that it was a natural death, […]

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Tila Tequila Becomes Surrogate Mother For Her Brother

Posted by sparky on December 22nd, 2009

Tila Tequila tweeted this weekend that she’s pregnant and going to be the surrogate mother for her brother and his wife. Even though Tila can be extremely annoying, like when she spouts off things about Jessica Simpson being a waste, you’ve got to give her props for doing this for her brother.  All she’s basically […]

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