Tiger Woods: Another Mistress and SUV Accident Renacted Sims-Style

Posted by Regina on December 2nd, 2009

Oh, a round of golf would be awesome right about now ...

Oh, a round of golf would be awesome right about now ...

The Tiger Mistresses are slowly, but surely coming out of the woodwork. A third one is not revealing herself, but is being revealed by a Web site.

First, we heard about New York party hostess Rachel Uchitel – who has vehemently denied almost any kind of relationship with Tiger Woods. Then on Tuesday, Us Weekly reported that Los Angeles cocktail waitress Jaimee Grubbs claimed she had a 31-month long affair with the iconic golfer. Grubbs, 24, has the texts and voicemails to prove the relationship, according to the magazine.

Now msnbc.com’s The Scoop column is reporting about another alleged Woods’ galpal who works at the Bank nightclub in Las Vegas.

They have been in a relationship for “a couple of months,” a source told the Scoop.

Dude is busy.

In more breaking Tiger news, US Weekly will post on its Web site early Wednesday the golfer’s Nov. 24 voicemail to Grubbs, warning the waitress three days before the accident that his wife, Elin Nordegren might be on to their hot hook ups.

Oh, and Grubbs and Woods had sex 20 times, she told the mag.

The Vegas fling is apparently an open secret in Las Vegas. Guess that overused, now cliched Vegas tagline (about shit staying in Vegas) has lost its ummph cause Tiger’s bidness is outtie.

“It’s one of those hush-hush things — no one talks about Tiger’s s— in Vegas,” said a source, who the site said is a fixture on the Vegas nightlife scene. “He goes there a bunch of times a year, and he loves his life there. But he’s got some s— in Vegas.”

No shit.

The Scoop also addresses the money involved in getting some of Tiger’s alleged mistresses to talk. For Grubbs, it appears to be about money. (She recently appeared on VH-1’s “Tool Academy”) Unconfirmed reports say she was paid about $100,000 for talking to Us Weekly, according to the Scoop. The magazine said “As a policy, we do not comment on obtaining stories or photo transactions.”

And other media outlets are apparently talking to other women involved in the Woods story, but they will need much bigger paychecks to get them to dime.

“A lot of these women make a really, really good living,” one mag reporter told the Scoop. “They’re going to lose their jobs if they talk, so it better be a lot of money at stake. They know if they say what went on, they’ll have to sit this one out, so to speak, until they find a new job. So the stakes are high.”

Meanwhile, in the eyes of the Florida Highway Patrol, the Tiger Woods case is over. The top-ranked golfer was hit with a $164 ticket and four points on his driver’s license.

Yet, the injuries Tiger suffered on Nov. 27 in the early morning crash outside his home will prevent him from hosting and headlining this week’s Chevron World Challenge golf tournament in Thousand Oaks, Calif.

Speaking of the Black Friday crash, the Chinese have an absolutely awesome take on how it went down, a Sims renactment, if you will. My personal favorite moment is the scene in which Sims Tiger Wood and his Sims wife, Elin Nordegren, are in a tiff and Sims Rachel Uchitel appears in a bubble over Sims Elin’s head. Which is your favorite moment?

H/t to www.dlisted.com for giving us the heads up on this HILARIOUS vid.

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