This Smack Is Sponsored By The Letter A

Posted by Moxie on August 9th, 2010

Inseparable couple Brody Jenner and singer Avril Lavigne make their way to a cab in Los Angeles, CA on August 8, 2010 where the smitten Jenner showed off his DEEP interest in his girlfriend by shaving an A into his mohawk and writing her name on his arm, hopefully in ball point pen and not tattoo ink. Fame Pictures, Inc

Brody Jenner has been spotted out and about with a mohawk and a capital “A” shaved into the side of his head. Several theories have been put forth, but I think Brody is just really excited about the episode of Sesame Street he finally understood the other day.

So what does the “A” stand for? People are saying “Avril,” but I don’t think Brody Jenner, of all people, would be so dreadfully prosaic. Maybe “Anarchy” to celebrate the musical roots of his punk-rock princess? Possibly “Atrocious” for his general aesthetic? Or perhaps “Asshat,” as in “My head is so far up my own bum, I’m wearing my ass as a hat and, look, it’s monogrammed.”

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