Things Get Catty for Project Runway Finalist

Posted by Chrissie on March 20th, 2009


It is amazing what you can find yourself in the spotlight for when you are even a little bit famous, and Kenley Collins is no exception. You will remember Kenley as a Season Five Project Runway finalist, and she was definitely not the least quirky of the bunch during her time on screen. And quirkiness has definitely followed her off-screen as well, as she has recently found herself the subject of a domestic situation where things got a little catty, and she ended up being charged.

On March 17 Kenley had a bit of a falling out with her boyfriend, Zak Penley, when he was found sleeping in her apartment. She had a bit of a fit over that, or something anyway, and threw her cat at him. And well, I guess that didn’t make her point as the cat was followed by a tossed laptop, and then a vicious onslaught of three apples. And she didn’t stop there, but when the water started flying, that’s when Zak got ticked and called the police.

Kenley’s charges include assault, and criminal possession of a weapon. The weapon? Her cat. Oh no, I couldn’t make this stuff up if I wanted to. Will the cat be presented as evidence? Too soon to tell. But yes, this is definitely one case of fashion getting catty in ways you never before would have imagined, no?


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