The X Factor Week 7 Performances

Posted by Angela on November 23rd, 2010

The theme of The X Factor’s 7th week is Beatles songs! I’m sensing disaster.

I’ve been away for about a week, but just FYI, I’m still infuriated that one of my favorites, Aiden Grimshaw, left the competition last week over the horrid Katie Waissel. What are you all thinking about last week’s results?

Source: ITV

My Overall Rankings for the Week:
1. Paije
2. One Direction
3. Cher
4. Rebecca
5. Matt
6. Mary
7. Wagner
8. Katie
My pick to leave: Katie. Leave. Now. Please.

Matt Cardle – “Come Together”

I’ve been absolutely loving Matt lately, but I’m not a fan of this performance. I think he’s good-looking, but he pops up in just a wifebeater and looks just plain naked to me. He looks like he feels uncomfortable too. The song doesn’t work for him either. It’s meant to be sung in a sort of gruff voice, which he tries, but just doesn’t suit him. I was hoping for him to sing “Strawberry Fields” or something.

Cher Lloyd – “Imagine”

Cher goes simple this week with a classic choice, “Imagine.” It’s sung well, but overall, the performance is boring for me. She sings while seated on a stair of a spiral staircase, which ends up being a point of controversy between Simon and Cheryl. Namely, Simon hates it and Cheryl stands by it.

One Direction – “All You Need is Love”
Can’t find a video that can be embedded so click to watch!
I have been loving One Direction lately. They’re just so cute and fun and lovable! They did great with Elton John last week, but unfortunately, didn’t as well this week. It started out a little strangely, almost like the arrangement was too slow. I could never really pin down the problem throughout the song, but Dannii mentioned there were some problems with the backing vocals, so maybe that was it.

Rebecca Ferguson – “Yesterday”

It’s shaky right up from the start. She seems nervous, which the judges point out. I also am not feeling her outfit for once. Not surprised though, with so many stellar outfits, a bad one was bound to come through sooner or later. Overall, definitely not one of her better performances, but she’s so strong that I’m sure she can bounce back with a better song next week.

Mary Byrne – “Something”

Another slower performance from Mary. She’s going downhill with every performance for me. Beatles songs just aren’t meant to be belted, and it doesn’t work out for her. The judges give her good comments, but I personally didn’t enjoy it.

Paije Richardson – “Let It Be”

Absolutely stellar performance from Paije this week! I wouldn’t think that he’d be able to pull it off a Beatles song but it works. The staging is a bit much, but he does a good job overall and I’m impressed. Definitely his best performance yet in my opinion and it really proves that he deserves to be here.

Wagner – “Get Back/Hippy Hippy Shake/Hey Jude”

No good from Wagner again. A triple mash-up was a bad decision on Louis’s part. Not that that really made a difference. Either way, it’s just not working out for Wagner. Him still being in the competition is just a joke at this point.

Katie Waissel – “Help”
Can’t find a link for Katie’s song and honestly don’t care to spend the time looking
I really don’t care for Katie. Another self-indulgent performance for her and she’s upped the annoyingness by changing her look. Apparently, she’s trying to look like Twiggy. I’m definitely not feeling it and have been ready for her to go for weeks.

Not a good week for me, and Beatles Week rarely is. I’m praying for the outing of Katie, but after the surprise boot of Aiden last week, I won’t be shocked if she manages to hang on another week.

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