The X Factor Week 4 Results Show

Posted by Angela on November 2nd, 2010

The X Factor terrified me with Halloween-themed performances on Saturday night and one of the remaining 11 acts is leaving the competition. Check out my recap of the Week 4 performances here!

Katie Waissel truly embraced the Halloween theme with her “unique” look. Source: ITV

The show opened with a performance by Bon Jovi and The X Factor contestants. All I can say is that “Livin’ on a Prayer” was not intended to be a group song. And Jon Bon Jovi still looks good. We also have Jamiroquai perform “White Knuckle Ride” and Rihanna perform her new single “Only Girl (In the World).” Both are energetic and fairly interesting to watch but Rihanna’s is a bit much.

Dermot begins announcing the results and the bottom three are Katie Waissel, Treyc Cohen, and Belle Amie. Again, I’m annoyed that Wagner manages to scrape by another week. I just can’t wait to see him hit the bottom two and get sent home immediately. Treyc’s safe and Katie and Belle Amie are singing.

Belle Amie sings “Breakaway” by Kelly Clarkson and it is way too big of a song for them. I have a feeling that it’s just Esther dragging the group down. Every time the girl has a solo I cringe. From what I’ve seen of the other three girls, they can sing. Not great.

Katie sings “Trust in Me” by Etta James and it’s over-the-top and dramatic, like her other survival performance. Her voice cracks few notes and she ends up crying by the end of it. Boohoo. I hope she’ll be going.

It’s time for the judges to vote. Simon and Cheryl both immediately choose to back their own acts. Dannii votes to send Belle Amie home. The crowd starts chanting, “Deadlock,” and Louis lets it happen. He votes to send Katie home and it goes to a deadlock. Belle Amie’s gotten the least number of votes from the public and they’re going home. Dermot reminds Simon that his only hope now is One Direction, and he doesn’t look happy. The group says they’re planning to stay together and that it’s “not the end of Belle Amie!” We’ll see about that, I guess.

Next week’s theme is rock and the tabloids are also reporting that the acts will be choosing their own songs for the week… Get ready for a few trainwrecks!

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