The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Posted by Alyssa on January 9th, 2010

Style maven, Rachel Zoe, was recently spotted in St. Barts with husband, Rodger, looking gaunt and unhealthy. She’s always been skinny, but this is some Mary-Kate Olsen stuff right here. Zoe needs to be fed a hot meal immediately before she wastes away to nothingness. It was reported that her current estimated weight is somewhere around an incredibly dangerous 80 pounds. I would settle for a hamburger in this case, but if that’s not quite classy enough for Ms. Zoe, how about a panini?

I really thought everyone was starting to come around and be accepting of our own body weights. I though we were beginning to get over these unrealistic body expectations and not put ourselves in this kind of danger. Famed fashion magazine, “V,” even did a spread about plus-size models. I guess some people, especially those directly related to the fashion industry, are still hanging on.

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