The Fastest NFL Players in 2022

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The NFL is often known for its sporadic and highly explosive athletes that can so often take a game by storm and can make for several highlight plays that can leave fans speechless with their intense speed and running ability when in possession of the football.

The current 2022/23 NFL regular season has already provided fans of the league with a multitude of action-packed encounters featuring the most renowned players that the sport has to offer on a weekly basis.

Some games have gone straight down to wire whilst other teams have certainly surprised fans and analysts alike with their impressive or calamitous performances against some of the league’s most established teams with a recent example being the Dallas Cowboys blowout win over the Minnesota Vikings.

One aspect of the season that has kept fans entertained is the amount of highlight plays that some of the NFL’s best speedsters have delivered across all major broadcasts that leave many to question whether such star names have earned the repertoire of a ‘freak of nature’ athlete that can leave opponents in the dust within seconds.

These are some of the NFL’s fastest players from the current 2022 season:

  • Tyreek Hill – Miami Dolphins:

Whilst there have certainly been a number of players who have matched or exceeded the All-Pro receiver in rushing speed throughout the current calendar campaign, there is no denying Tyreek’s spot on a list such as this given his usual talents when rushing past opposing corners into the endzone.

Hill’s nickname is ‘Cheetah’ which says enough about his blazing speed when heading out into the open field and since arriving in sunshine state, the former Superbowl winning receiver has dazzled Dolphins’ fans with his electricity in the open field and sublime ability to catch the ball in almost any challenging predicament.

Despite a few minor blips in recent weeks, the Dolphins are still in the hunt of claiming the franchises’ third Vince Lombardi trophy in team history, although they are seen as outsiders which is reminiscent in the latest NFL odds as the Dolphins are ranked at +3500 to win the SuperBowl this season.

  • Jonathan Taylor – Indianapolis Colts:

It has so far been another challenging campaign for the Colts in the post Andrew Luck era, yet there is hardly any blame that can be centered on their superstar caliber running back Jonathan Taylor who has emerged as a diamond in the rough of a horrendous Colts offence.

Taylor’s speed has already been well documented in the past as he led the NFL in rushing yards last season and was also the fastest player in the league when it came to their in-game speed.

Taylor has clocked in at 22.13 mph during a 67-yard touchdown run as well as other 22.05 mph and 21.83 mph respectfully on two more touchdown runs throughout this season which is proof that the All-Pro running back has certainly not lost a step throughout the year and is still widely regarded as one of the NFL’s top speedsters and greatest talents.

  • Lamar Jackson – Baltimore Ravens:

If you plan to sight out the fastest Quarterback in the NFL today, then chances are that Ravens QB and former league MVP Lamar Jackson will stand at the top of the rankings in various rushing categories.

Jackson has demonstrated numerous times that he is a dependable passer but is mainly known for his blistering rushing speed out of coverage which has resulted in the former first round pick amassing a wide reputation as one of the greatest duel threat QB’s of all-time.

Lamar’s rushing numbers may not be at the standout level that they once were a few years prior, with many sighting that the Louisville QB is aiming to improve his passing statistics to become a much more reliable option at the game’s most important position.

However, whenever Lamar chooses to rush out of coverage there are hardly any QB’s in NFL history that can match Jackson’s tremendous speed and quick first step which has resulted in Lamar reaching the 5,000 yards in passing and 2,000 rushing at the quickest spot out of any player in league history back in 2020 during a 31-17 win over the previously labelled Washington Football Team, with NFL legend Michael Vick holding the prior record.

Jackson’s play has highlighted the importance of drafting a QB with intense speed and mesmerizing athletic ability, which has left many fans questioning as to what the future hall of fame QB will provide for all future highlight reels.

Some other honorable mentions include Seahawks running-back Kenneth Walker, Jets running-back Breece Hall and Ravens running back DeSean Jackson who is still reaching speeds at a near 22 mph at the tender age of 36.