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The deal of Carlos Correa takes an intriguing turn: SF Giants News

Due to a medical condition, Carlos Correa’s contract with the SF Giants was terminated. The New York Mets are now voicing similar worries.

Could Correa’s contract have been renegotiated if the Giants had tried harder?

Carlos Correa

The Giants requested more time to review the medicals, but Scott Boras, Correa’s agent, quickly changed his mind and agreed to a deal with the New York Mets.

There is optimism in the negotiation process between Correa and the Mets, according to Jon Heyman of the New York Post. The Mets are probably attempting to include language in the agreement that covers them in the event of an injury.

Can the Giants re-engage Correa is a question that has come up frequently. The door may be slightly open, but that won’t happen until a deal with the Mets falls through.

If a deal becomes unlikely, Correa and Boras can start looking for a new one. The fact that Correa’s leg concerns are now a known issue makes it challenging to change course, as they did with the Giants last week.

Boras reestablished contact with the Minnesota Twins as the Giants permitted Correa to re-enter the free agent market. According to reports, the Twins had earnings run of around ten years and $285 million. Before doing so, they wanted to carefully review Correa’s medical records. Boras decided to return to the Mets because he did not like that idea.

The next question is: Why did Correa leave the Giants so abruptly while giving the Mets more time to negotiate a deal? Once more, leverage may be to blame for the solution in that Boras cannot continue to shop Correa in light of the information at hand.

Could Correa’s contract have been renegotiated if the Giants had tried harder? Although it certainly seems likely, we might never fully understand what happened. Correa and the Mets are currently the only parties involved in negotiations.