The Cowboys and Aaron Rodgers have been encouraged by Larry Fitzgerald to make a “controversial” trade

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(Source: Wikipedia)
The Cowboys and Aaron Rodgers have been encouraged by Larry Fitzgerald to make a "controversial" trade
(Source: Wikipedia)

NFL star Larry Fitzgerald believes Aaron Rodgers should be a part of the Dallas Cowboys’ plans for the 2023 offseason.

“Controversial” Team Larry Fitzgerald Picks For Aaron Rodgers

New York’s Jets and Las Vegas’s Raiders have been mentioned as serious suitors for Green Bay’s quarterback Aaron Rodgers for the upcoming season. Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald wants his team to compete and create some noise as well.

Heavy’s Max Dible recently reported that the Green Bay Packers’ quarterback is poised to leave the NFC North franchise.

Fitzgerald, however, thinks the 39-year-old would be better off in Dallas than with the Las Vegas Raiders or New York Jets.

Fitzgerald said on an edition of his podcast Let’s Go! that if he were in Rodgers’ position, he would be joining a team like the Cowboys.

Fitzgerald said “I know there’s a lot of conversations about the Jets,”Fitzgerald explained. “If I was Aaron, that wouldn’t be the most enticing route. It would be something a lot more controversial, like for him to go to the Dallas Cowboys or something like that. He can be reunited with Mike McCarthy and have a team around him that it’s ready-made.”

Since the Cowboys have the best defense in the league and a plethora of offensive weapons, Fitzgerald thinks they have a good shot at signing the 39-year-old veteran.

In an effort to make up his mind about when to retire, Rodgers has started a darkness retreat this week, during which he will spend four days in total darkness and seclusion. The NFL legend has won one Super Bowl and thrown for over 59,000 yards and 475 touchdowns in his career.

The current franchise quarterback, Dak Prescott, makes it difficult to justify a trade for Rodgers.

With Prescott’s massive contract and lackluster play in 2022, that task becomes exponentially more challenging. On the other hand, it’s worth noting that “crazier” decisions have been made in the NFL’s lengthy history.

In the month of November, McCarthy and Rodgers finally met

After the current Cowboys head coach, Mike McCarthy, parted company with the Packers in 2019, one of the most anticipated regular season games of 2022 had McCarthy and Rodgers meeting again for the first time since 2019.

Green Bay won 31-28 in overtime, and both McCarthy and Rodgers spoke about their friendship with each other before and after the game. The Packers quarterback said it was great to see them again on the Pat McAfee Show.

Rodgers remarked before the game, “I’m going to give him a ol’ hug I can tell you that much I’m excited to see Mike,” Rodgers said before the game. “We’ve shared some messages the last couple weeks… Mike in general deserves a lot of credit, a lot of respect and hopefully a great ovation at some point.”

McCarthy, meanwhile, echoed this view and recalled the pair’s early triumphs.

McCarthy expressed his excitement at the prospect of reuniting with Aaron. “I’m really looking forward to seeing Aaron,” McCarthy said. “We’ve had great communication. I have nothing but love and gratitude for him. … Whole lot of appreciation, not only for him, but the teams there. We had some great times, great moments. When I think of him, I think of all of our one-on-one conversations we had, especially in the younger days. It always ended with a hug and ‘I love you’.”

Although Rodgers came out on top in the end, he and Brady exchanged nothing but praise during the whole competition.

Rodgers’ Latest Cowboys Question

Rodgers was questioned about his future plans and where he was considering playing on the PGA Tour during the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am.

According to Jonathan Adams of Heavy, Rodgers flatly rejected the idea of signing with the 49ers. After being assured that he would “look excellent with a Cowboys star on his helmet,” he broke into a wide grin and proceeded to make a respectable attempt at a Par 3.