The Buccaneers updated Russell Gage’s condition after his terrifying injury

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There was another serious injury in the Cowboys and Bucs’ Wild Card Round game last night. Russell Gage of the Buccaneers was to the hospital right away after a terrible injury.

There was another terrifying moment on Monday Night Football

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UPDATE (Jan. 18): Buccaneers head coach Todd Bowles confirmed Tuesday that Gage (concussion) has movement in all extremities and should be released from the hospital later Tuesday.

Gage thanked his supporters on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon, writing that he was “doing great and in great spirits!”

Tom Brady threw a pass intended for Gage late in the fourth quarter of the Cowboys’ lopsided victory over the Buccaneers. A seemingly harmless blow struck him. However, he suffered severe injuries.

It looked like Cowboys wideout Russell Gage slipped while attempting to catch a short pass from Tom Brady inside the Cowboys’ 5-yard line.

Gage’s neck was twisted unnaturally when Dallas Donovan Wilson’s right forearm slammed into the right side of his helmet. Gage made several unsuccessful attempts to rise to his feet.

The fifth-year player was surrounded by teammates from both teams as medical staff attended to him. His condition required medical attention, so he was taken to the emergency room.

According to Bucs head coach Todd Bowles: “He has a concussion, they’ll also test him for potential neck injuries.”

When asked if Gage could move his limbs, Bowles responded: “His fingers were moving when he was down there, I don’t know about the rest.”

“It was really tough — especially with what happened a couple of weeks ago,” Bucs inside linebacker Lavonte David said. “… We definitely hope he’s well. He was moving and stuff like that, that was a good sign. Definitely hope he’s OK.”

TE Cam Brate said: “You hate to see a guy go down like that, especially with the game being kind of out of reach at that point. It’s really hard to see your teammate like that.”

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