The 2009 Razzie Nominations are in…

Posted by Christine on February 1st, 2010

It wouldn’t be awards season without the Razzies, which handle the worst of the past year in actors, actresses, and the products of their labor.  The only beef I really have with these noms is All About Steve.  I thought that was a very heartwarming story with definitely good performances by Sandra Bullock and Bradley Cooper.  Oh well, I guess I always like the underdog/ugly duckling tales.  I definitely agree with the mess that was Obsessed.  Sorry Sasha Fierce, you should stick to singing.  That movie was so bad it was funny, I was cracking up.  Speaking of Obsessed though, something you Twilight fans might be upset about is not one but several noms for Twilight as the worst.  Gasp!  Some of the list highlights are below.

Worst Picture of 2009

All About Steve, Land of the Lost, Old Dogs, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Worst Actor:

All Three Jonas Brothers (Jonas Brothers: A 3-D Experience), Will Ferrell (Land of the Lost), Steve Martin (Pink Panther 2), Eddie Murphy (Imagine That), John Travolta (Old Dogs)

Worst Actress

Beyonce (Obsessed), Sandra Bullock (All About Steve), Mylie Cyrus (Hannah Montana: The Movie), Megan Fox (Jennifer’s Body and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen), Sarah Jessica Parker (Did You Hear About the Morgans?)

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