Terrible People May Be Breaking Up.

Posted by Rebecca on October 15th, 2010

Kat Von D and Jesse James are like, in gross, neo-Nazi love…but probably not for long. Shocker.

New tattooed couple, Kat Von D and Jesse James seem to have no qualms about showing their love for one another despite Jesse's sordid past indiscretions as they hold hands after dinging at Urth Cafe in West Hollywood, CA on September 3, 2010. Fame Pictures, Inc
According to People Magazine, Kat Von D is sick of Jesse James living in Austin and doing the long-distance neo-nazi thing.

“On Oct. 5 during a Slash concert at the House of Blues, Von D was seen hanging out in the V.I.P. section with her ex-boyfriend Nikki Sixx. “They were on the balcony chatting and ended up disappearing together,” a source tells PEOPLE. “They were acting pretty cozy and chummy.”

And later, Von D was

“smiling and flirting over an intimate dinner” at the Redbury Hotel’s Cleo restaurant in Hollywood, with rumored former love interest Bam Margera. “They were being very sweet to each other,” an onlooker says. “They didn’t hang around for long, and after a quick cigarette break, they made a dash for the exit.”

She’s okay with neonazism, and she’s a starfucker.  Great work, people.  Personally, I think Kat and Jesse should be together in white supremacy matrimony, 4 eva.  BARF.

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