Taylor Swift’s Fashion Sense Change Inspired by 1989 Album


Taylor Swift has revealed that her style has shifted since releasing her new ‘1989’ album. Inspired by the era, Taylor says she has adapted her fashion sense to reflect the look of that time and now likes to wear shorter skirts which is a big change for her because she wouldn’t have worn short skirts a few years ago. She commented on her recent fashion sense change:

”I think there was a freedom to the clothes then and I see how that era had inspired modern fashion trends. So I’m wearing shorter skirts and things I would never have worn three years ago.”

Taylor likes to stay in top shape and her preferred workout method is attending spin class. She admits that while she doesn’t particularly enjoy staying fit, she feels it’s important for her to be able to have good stamina on stage and to endure her performances in front of the audience:

”I work out. I do spin classes, which are hard and I don’t like doing them but I like how I feel afterwards. The reason I work out is because I want to have endurance and I want to be able to hop on stage and sing a song and dance and not be winded.”

The singer also reveals she really enjoys shopping and has been slowly picking up some furnishings for her new apartment in NYC. She does her best to go out and see the cities that she’s visiting but she often finds it difficult because of her limited time:

”I enjoy shopping of course – I am female! And I’ve enjoyed furnishing my new place and working through the rooms to give each an individual feel. Whichever country I am in, I will try and see some of the city I am staying in and try and shop, though the busier I am, the more difficult this gets.”