Taylor Momsen: Beer Gut Alert

Posted by Rebecca on March 7th, 2011

Look, it’s been a perfectly pleasant afternoon,  and now it looks even rosier. Why? Because the bane of my EXISTENCE- the whiny, entitled, mascaroed Taylor Momsen has a beer gut.

Or gee, I don’t know. Maybe it’s like, Satan’s baby. Or, like, a weird angle.  But that mesh tank and bra can’t hide all that belly,  missus.  I mean, this is HOLLYWOOD.  And that means, you can’t go around doing beer bongs and wearing pleather.  Or can you?

Nope. Only if you’re meatloaf.

But I digress-  you see, she’s 17 years old.  And, super freaking annoying. And compared to most people (I’m looking at you, rural Indiana) she’s still skinny.  But in Hollywood, where she thinks she belongs and does a big ‘ol SONG AND DANCE TO GET NOTICED,  that extra belly fat is out there, for all to see.

So here’s some attention from me to you, Ms. Momsen.  Hey yo!

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