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Story of the Day: Lindsay Lohan is Looking for a Sugar Daddy

According to reports, Lindsay Lohan is looking for someone to support her now that she’s split from billionaire hotel mogul Vikram Chatawal, 40. She is seeking a sugar daddy who can afford to keep up with her spending habits. The source comments that Lindsay is already spending thousands on hair extensions, cosmetic procedures and much more. She won’t be able to keep her lifestyle up without someone to help out financially, even despite a recent string of jobs – she’ll end up broke without a sugar daddy to chip in:

“Lindsay got used to living and spending like a big-time movie star, and Vikram helped her keep that lifestyle going, but on her own, Lindsay doesn’t have that kind of money, and she still spends thousands on hair extensions, and several thousand on makeup fillers and Botox injections. She’s also a compulsive online shopper. Lindsay does pill in big paychecks with modeling jobs and most recently for her role in Liz & Dick. But she spends more than she earns. She’s bought so many things that she had to turn her guest room into a closet.”

Lindsay is running into trouble with collection agencies and hopes to find a man that can look after her – she doesn’t even care if they aren’t a handsome, good-looking guy – she just needs a sugar daddy stat:

“The bills keep piling up and Lindsay ignores them until she gets a call from a collection agency, Lindsay would love to find someone who is both rich and good-looking… but at this point she’s willing to settle for someone just rich – and she won’t let his age get in the way.”