Story of the Day: Kit Harington Wants You to Seductively Eat a Burger

Posted by PZ on April 2nd, 2013


Let’s face it. There aren’t that many hot guys in ‘Game of Thrones’. Kit Harington (Jon Snow) is definitely the pick of the bunch because no one could seriously crush on Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy) unless they were totally sick in the head. There are a few older dudes, but you have to be in to that kind of salt and pepper beardy look. Anyway, Kit talks about what he likes in his partners and he claims that watching a girl eat a burger is rather seductive because it’s sexy to see a girl eat a proper amount of food (this sounds like a borderline odd fetish). He explains:

“She’s got to be funny. I like a girl who does not take me seriously, you know? It’s important to be able to laugh at each other. And I like a girl who eats. I much prefer that she order the burger.”

Speaking on the perfect romantic evening out, Kit says that it is important not to come across too tryhard so he’d take a girl to a relaxed restaurant, (and obviously one that has burgers for sale so she can seductively chow down on one):

“You don’t want to seem too eager, too romantic—otherwise, it just looks a bit tryhard. But I do think a first date should be intimate. So I’d choose a nice dinner somewhere cozy, not too crowded, with good wine.”

He once made the mistake of bringing a date to a bad restaurant but he managed to make the night ok by laughing about how tacky and faux French it was:

 “I chose a really bad restaurant once. It was masquerading as good French cuisine, and it was dreadful. But I think as long as you acknowledge that you know it’s bad, then it’s all good.”

Is Kit Harington basically the best reason to watch GOT? Well, the answer certainly isn’t Joffrey.

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