Story of the Day: Katy Perry’s Parents Have Met John Mayer

Posted by PZ on February 13th, 2013


Are things getting serious between Katy Perry and John Mayer? According to reports, Katy introduced John to her parents on a double date. The foursome went to Mr. Chow where they got to know each other recently and a source from inside the restaurant confirms that everyone appeared to be getting on extremely well. The insider says that John and Katy felt relaxed and they even shared a kiss during the night:

”Katy couldn’t have looked happier. She was just beaming with a huge smile on her face. Katy, John and her parents seemed to be celebrating the night. They were laughing a lot and looked really at ease and comfortable with each other. They all looked relaxed, especially Katy and John. They were holding hands and when they weren’t, John had his arm around Katy. Before they left, John leaned into Katy and gave her a kiss on the forehead – it was cute. And they make a gorgeous looking couple. They really compliment each other.”

Another insider close to Katy believes the singer has never been as happy in her life and John has actually put her in a good place despite being known as a serial womanizer in the past. The source comments that John even gets on well with Katy’s parents:

”Katy has never been happier. She’s in a really good place with John. They are planning on recording a song together at John’s new studio in Hollywood.Katy’s parents also really like John. They prefer him over Russell. They thought Russell was too temperamental.”

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