Story of the Day: Jude Law is Apparently Having a Mid-Life Crisis

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According to a new report, Jude Law is totes having a breakdown y’all. The source comments that Jude is eating junk food, smoking and drinking, and generally not looking after himself even more than usual, which is apparently driving him into a dark state of depression that is harder to get out of as the time progresses. One of the sources of his depression is that his films continue to bomb, most notably his recent flick ‘360’:

“He doesn’t know what to do to make himself feel better, he’s staying up late, drinking, smoking and eating junk food. It’s all driving him deeper into depression.”

Producers are worried that Law has lost his usual sex appeal and are thus even reluctant to give him more work. Although he has never been concerned about his looks before, now that he’s aging it’s becoming a pressing issue that might lead to the end of his career:

“The studios think his movies are flopping because he doesn’t have the pretty-boy appeal he used to. Jude was never concerned with being handsome. But now that he’s starting to age, he’s realizing he was actually very dependent on his looks.”

Jude is even having women trouble because they just don’t like him the way they used to:

“Jude’s greatest vice has always been women, but they are not falling into his lap they way they used to.”