Story of the Day: Gerard Butler Admits to Brandi Glanville Hook Up

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Prepare to throw up a little in your mouth. Scottish actor Gerard Butler has come clean regarding a hook up with ‘Real Housewife’ Brandi Glanville who he once denied sleeping with. Brandi told the world what happened but no one believed her because Gerard didn’t know who she was, but it turns out she was telling the truth all along and Gerard just didn’t realize that she was sorta famous.

He comments that the two met “at a beach party,” and “had a little bit of fun” and that when he asked her what she did for a living, she changed the subject. He opens up that he didn’t mean to lie about the hook up, nor did he expect it to get out to the public either. He honestly didn’t have a clue who ‘Brandi Glanville’ was when he was asked:

“You know what I said — ‘Who’s Brandi Glanville?’ — because I didn’t know her last name, didn’t know she was a celebrity, didn’t know she was going to run out and f*cking tell everyone about it!”

Of course, Brandi being Brandi, the news spread faster than her legs did on the fateful night. Classy stuff guys, we expected better from Gerard!