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Story of the Day: Charlie Sheen Doesn’t Believe in Sober Lifestyle


Charlie Sheen isn’t into being sober and it’s not a lifestyle that he believes in anymore. The actor, who is known for his crazy drug/alcohol fueled antics, says that a life without drinking isn’t really a life at all – or something to that effect.  When asked if he is currently sober, he responded:

“I don’t really believe in that lifestyle anymore cause it doesn’t seem fair — you guys don’t want me clean and sober, that’s boring!”

Speaking on if he uses crack cocaine, Charlie says er, something or other about it. He rambles that his brain had separated and mutters that he was taking a stand – but he doesn’t exactly address if that drug is something he uses regularly or not which is probably indication that the answer is yes:

“I like to call it base. “Crack cocaine,” I love my life. You’re awesome, I love it. Here’s the confusing part. I wish it was crack cocaine. It wish it was an ocean of vodka, a bathtub full of pills. It was just my brain was kind of separated into itself and uh, I just had to take a stand for what was right.”

On his previous meltdown which included a weird comedy tour of America, Charlie says that he enjoyed the ride that went along with it:

“A lot of it was memorable. A lot of it was experiences I would never otherwise have. I booked a 21 city tour in 33 days with no act.”