Spring 2010: Scandalous Trends?

Posted by Alyssa on February 5th, 2010

In light of the fact that there is a blizzard outside at this very moment, I have taken it upon myself to look ahead toward spring. While looking into trends for Spring 2010, I’ve come to realize that they’re really quite scandalous. For example, hot pants, short shorts and long slits are in. On the contrary, however, so are over-the-knee socks…hmmm, maybe style forecasters are going for a sexy schoolgirl approach to fashion this spring? A few of my favorite trends are the blazers, big hair bows, and playsuits that have already started to take hold of young fashionistas everywhere. Rihanna has also done a pretty fantastic job of promoting the monokini, which promises to be one the choice bathing suits for the upcoming warm weather. Overall, I think the main trends for spring have pretty much been seen before. We’re really seeing now, how cyclical fashion is.

Knee- high socks, looking better than middle school.

Pink playsuit.

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