Sponsored Video: 4 Female Stars Who Can’t Find the Right Man

Posted by PZ on April 9th, 2013

Finding love isn’t easy. In fact, there are plenty of successful women who struggle to find their right match, despite already having amazing careers and everything else sorted out in their lives, they can’t find a man that suit them. Miami matchmaker Natalie Clarice runs a dating agency for professional women looking to find the right guy which has become a new reality dating show – ‘Find Me My Man’ which is set to air on Oxygen. She challenges her most strong-willed female clients to change what they see in men and gets her team to push them to their limits of what is acceptable in a partner. Check out the brilliant trailer below:



Even celebrities have trouble finding their perfect match: these 4 stars have all openly admitted that they find the whole dating process to be difficult because they can’t find their perfect guy, or worse, they believe that guys are afraid/intimidated. Here is 4 female stars who have all said it isn’t as easy as it looks when it comes to finding the right man.


Chloe Sevigny


Chloe believes many men are intimidated by her, especially because she often earns more money and she thinks that can freak men out: “My friends are always telling me I’m intimidating. My dates are probably not being themselves on the date – they’re trying to be cool. And I think it’s still a problem if a woman earns more than a man. I try to pay for half of dinner and a guy will behave as if I’m trying to prove I have more money than him.”

Lady Gaga

Gaga believes she has never been properly loved by any of her boyfriends in the past: “I have never felt truly cherished by a lover. I have an inability to know what happiness feels like with a man. I think what it really is, is that I date creative people. And I think that’s what intimidates them is not my purse, it’s my mind.”

January Jones

 January thinks dating is dead and so finds it hard to get romantic with anyone: “I would love to find an interesting man to date but people don’t seem to date so much anymore. It’s more of a hanging out process. It’s hard to find romance, the kind of love story that carries you away. I would love to have that. I’m pretty idealistic when it comes to love.”

Jenny McCarthy

 Jenny says she isn’t fussy about looks and continues to search for someone who suits her perfectly: “I don’t care if they have a big nose. I don’t care if they’re bald. I just want someone who’s really sweet and who’s a perfect reflection of who I am now. I want someone who makes me laugh. Someone who can communicate, someone who is open and has a big heart, who loves their family, loves their mom. That’s important to me.”


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