Spider-man 3 Review

Posted by Kimberly on May 7th, 2007


Ah, the “triquel”….that’s my fancy name for a third sequel in a movie franchise. They can be a crowning success like Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (no pun intended), or a complete mess, a la The Matrix III or Xmen 3: The Last Stand. While Spider-man 2 was a great movie (for a comic book flick, atleast), I’d have to say this third installment falls somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. Unfortunately leaning towards the lower end.

I didn’t think this was a total mess like X3 was. But it was quite…odd. What made the second movie so great was that it had a complete story arch along with great character development, and all of that meshed well with the action and what not going on. That’s what they went for in Spider-man 3 but it came out a bit….mucky.

It’s hard to even put my finger on exactly what went wrong. First off, I think there was too much going on. When you try to have your plot, which was about Peter and Mary Jane, plus three villians, and a sub plot about friendship, things get a little crowded. It would’ve been much better if they had focused on one main villian; and I still have issues with them casting Topher Grace as Venom….he reminds me too much of Toby McGuire in stature and demeanor, etc.

The whole movie is pretty much about Mary Jane being a whiny, annoying girlfriend who’s jealous because Peter gets so much attention as Spider-man while no one wants to come and see her play. And then we have this whole “dark spiderman” plot that takes up about a third of the movie. There’s a whole scene where he dances around and struts down the street, and then dances on tables in a bar. This was just ridiculous and I felt like I was watching The Mask with Jim Carey for quick second. And I LOVE how his bangs are supposed to symbolize that he’s “bad”…..I mean, now he’s a goofy looking awkard skinny kid with a weird mouth and BANGS and the women are suddenly more interested in him. Right.

So, all in all there are some cool effects in the movie. That’s about it. The rest of it stretches on and on for two hours with a lot of weird, random stuff thrown in and about a billion plot lines. Oh, and I have no idea why Bryce Dallas Howard signed up for this when she did absolutely nothing. I suppose it’s worth checking out considering it’s such a big blockbuster already ($148m on opening weekend, wow!) but don’t be too bummed if you have to wait for video.  The only part I really enjoyed was watching James Franco cause he’s kinda cute (in the beginning of the movie, at least).
I can only pray that Pirates 3 does better than this.


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