Spencer Pratt Is Hilarious But Only When Pretending To Be Someone Else

Posted by Moxie on July 14th, 2010

42544, HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - Tuesday July 13, 2010. Spencer Pratt sports a thick beard and curly mustache as he arrives at the Roosevelt hotel wearing a black tuxedo and carrying a hiking back pack. Later in the day, Spencer emerged dressed in a costume, complete with wig, wrinkly makeup, fake belly and a green sack slung over his shoulder, and made his way down famous Hollywood Boulevard. There he met up with celebrity blogger Perez Hilton and they could be seen taking photos together as well as strolling the Boulevard. Perez, who looked as if he didn't quite believe it was Spencer, acted like a good sport. Spencer, in full costume, also posed with a Marilyn Monroe statue and a gold Oscar statue inside of a souvenir shop. Photograph: Juan Sharma/Jordan Lockhart,  PacificCoastNews.com

Since he was barred from the set of The Hills series finale for being a jackass with potentially communicable insanity (I’m thinking some sort of brain worm you get by being bitten), Spencer Pratt decided to gracefully accept the producers’ decision and make alternative plans for that day to keep his mind occupied elsewhere.

Psssh, of fuckin’ course not. Crazypants opted to go to a hotel and put on an old man costume complete with prosthetic wrinkles, a wig, and fake facial hair in order to sneak onto the set. No idea if it worked, but I like to think everyone smelled the psychosis and threw up a barrier of mirrors to keep him distracted.

I wasn’t really a regular watcher of the show, although I would get sucked into the weekend marathons, if only to sit there with my roommates and exclaim, in various ways, “Holy FRICK, Heidi’s had so much work done.” I’m going to miss the show, though, because now I’ll be deprived of something else to make fun of. It’s like you’re taking my oxygen, MTV.

So here we go, for what might be my last hurrah with Spencer Pratt (one hopes/despairs): Spencer, you look like Santa Claus’s creepy molester brother, like you would sneak down some poor child’s chimney and fill his stocking, if you get my drift. Even worse, you look like the brother Nick Nolte disowned because he was too addicted to GHB. Spencer Pratt, I’mma miss your loony ass.

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