Spencer And Heidi Will Continue To Chronicle Their Mental Illnesses

Posted by Moxie on April 28th, 2010

Spencer Pratt and his flesh-colored beard, a.k.a Heidi “Dark Matter Tits” Montag, are getting their own reality show. Huzzah! Although I don’t think you can call it a reality show if one of the leads is 93% plastic and the other one has a paparazzo camera where his d*ck should be.

So far it doesn’t seem like the famewhores have found a network to pick up this televisual abortion. It seems doubtful that MTV will, considering how much trouble Frick and Frack cause, which includes Heidi’s sexual harassment lawsuit against The Hills creator Adam DiVello (which Lauren Conrad denies has any merit). Now that Vh1 has decided to expunge all trashiness from the network, and will probably have to honor-kill itself if Bret Michaels kicks it, they probably won’t pick it up, either. I would bet E! jumps on this; it seems exactly like the fetid, oozing trash that’s right up their alley.

I, for one, would watch the sh*t outta this, if only to see Heidi’s total mental collapse as Spencer’s schizophrenia comes into its own. There could be a very special episode called “Heidi, Robot” as Spencer finally assimilates her into this:

With any luck, she’ll dispense Haldol, too.

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