Snooki Opens Up On Anorexia Battle During Her Cheerleader Years

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‘Jersey Shore’ star Snooki has opened up on her battle with eating disorder Anorexia during her high school years. Snooki recently welcomed a son named Lorenzo and commented that she decided to lose her baby weight slowly to insure that she didn’t allow the eating disorder to return. She says she now treats her body very well and wouldn’t want her son to see her going through it so she hopes she won’t have to deal with it again:

”This is the best I’ve ever treated my body. [Anorexia] has been on my mind [though], even before I started losing weight, I was like, ‘Oh crap, I hope I don’t go back to not eating again.  [But] I’m never going back to anorexia again. I don’t want Lorenzo to see me go through that. It’s not going to happen.”

Snooki says her anorexia came about because of cheerleading. At the time, she tried to drop as much weight as possible so she would be easier to throw in the air during their performances but she took it too far and began to eat only ice cubes for long stretches of time, only realizing later how unhealthy it was for her. Snooki thankfully turned to her parents who helped her through the experience:

 ”I became anorexic because of cheerleading. I wanted to be light so people could throw me up in the air. I got to the point where I only ate ice cubes, all day, for days in a row.”