“Simpsons” To Use Daniel Radcliffe To Mock “Twilight”

Posted by sparky on November 30th, 2009

EW’s Hollywood Insider is reporting that Daniel Radcliffe, the guy who plays Harry Potter, is going to lend his voice to an episode of a Simpsons Hollywood special that makes fun of Twilight.

Here’s what MTV News is about the particular Simpsons episode called “Treehouse of Horror XXI”:

In his appearance, Radcliffe will play Edmund, a boy vampire whom Lisa falls for. Unfortunately for the Twilight-crossed lovers, Homer and Dracula — Edmund’s dear, old dad — don’t approve of the union, and they endeavor to put a stop to it. Obviously not a direct spoof of the “Twilight” plot.

I love when the dorky mocks the dorky.

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