Simon Cowell Has Told Lauren Silverman to Stay Away From Him

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Simon Cowell recently stirred up some major headlines when it was revealed that he knocked up his close friend’s wife Lauren Silverman. Now, Simon is hoping to keep his distance from Lauren, at least for a while until he’s decided how he hopes to proceed with the news. Lauren is in the process of divorcing her husband Andrew and Simon thinks it would be better if she stayed away until he’s sorted himself out:

“Simon thought the divorce would take longer to finalise and he is insisting he needs time to sort out his head. Lauren has asked Simon to charter his private jet so she can join him but he is making excuses and just doesn’t know what to do.”

Simon is currently holding up in his private yacht (a boat which set him back¬†¬£30 million) off the coast of St. Tropez where he is mulling over the idea of becoming a first time dad. Although the yacht usually serves as a place for him to bring some lady friends, Simon is alone and contemplative now that he’s heard that Lauren in pregnant with his child:

”The yacht is the ultimate floating bachelor pad. There are magnums of Dom Perignon champagne in ice buckets all over the place. Simon is spending a lot of time alone in his cabin. The atmosphere is very sedate.”