Sharon Stone Worried About Lindsay Lohan

Posted by PZ on February 25th, 2011

A handful of celebrities have reached out to Lindsay Lohan since her legal and addiction problems started, and now Sharon Stone has aired her concern for the young actress. Sharon believes that Lindsay’s health isn’t being looked after properly, and she hopes that Lindsay can receive the treatment she needs before it’s too late. She commented:

“I don’t think it’s a question of her youth. But it’s a question of the fact she clearly needs some actual health care. And I think perhaps because of her position, it’s very difficult for the legal system to give her the actual practical care that she needs.”

She continued:

“I would not try to give her advice. I would just wish that there is a way that the system can somehow provide her with the actual health care that she needs.”

Sharon admits that she had an easier time adjusting to Hollywood because she was in her 30’s when she made it big:

“I think that’s a really much more complex and difficult thing than what happened to me when I became famous when I was 32. So I was a grounded adult … I had such dear, good friends who really guided me. Friends in the entertainment business.”

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