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3 Celebrities Who Love Being Given Free Designer Clothes

Posted by Katie F. on January 15th, 2013

It’s hard to read any celebrity news these days without hearing something about Lena Dunham. The writer/director/actress has accomplished plenty over the past year. She directs and stars in the hit HBO show Girls, for which she earned 4 Emmy nominations and 2 Golden Globe awards, she signed a book deal for almost $4 million, and she’s blazing a […]

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Sex and the City Just Won’t Die

Posted by PZ on October 11th, 2010

Although the last Sex and The City film stank worse than Courtney Love’s armpits, Sarah Jessica Parker, the star of SATC, says that it’s not over yet. She has been hinting that there may be another film in the mix, even though the second film was quite poorly received (available in a bargain bin near […]

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Nobody Wants To See Old Ladies Talk About Sex

Posted by Moxie on July 1st, 2010

Plans for a third Sex and the City movie have been shelved after a team of crack government scientists did exhaustive research and discovered that the sequel sucked and everyone hates it with the white-hot fire of a thousand suns. The first movie made $57 million, while Sex and the City 2:  Sandy Vaginas only […]

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Sex and the City 2 Ticket Sales Drops 65% in Week 2

Posted by PZ on June 6th, 2010

It’s only it’s second week in the box office, but it looks as though we can officially call SATC2 a huge flop.  In it’s second week, ticket sales for the 2 and a half hour long advertisement for botox, Louis Vuitton and gluttony have dropped by 65% of the amount it made in it’s first […]

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Sex and the City 2: Please Make it Stop.

Posted by Alyssa on June 4th, 2010

I knew the movies had gotten more and more ridiculous over the years, departing from the simple, charming plot lines of years past, but nothing could have prepared me for SATC 2. I don’t even know where to start with this catastrophe. Like many women, I loved the show, and have seen every episode, from […]

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Sarah Jessica Parker Hungry For Sex and the City 3

Posted by PZ on June 2nd, 2010

Sarah Jessica Parker says that she’s game for a Sex and the City 3 movie, even though the second film isn’t doing as well as it was hoped: “I hope Carrie will live on, she will live on — even if the movies don’t.” Sex and the City 3 debuted at number 3 at the […]

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Sex and The City 2 Failed to Seduce: Instead Falls Flat in Box Office

Posted by PZ on May 31st, 2010

Great news: Sex and The City 2 was stomped all over by Shrek Forever After, leaving it with a broken heel collapsed in the gutter somewhere, as Shrek does a victory dance all over it’s Marchesa dress – in other words, Shrek slaughtered SATC2 in the box office this weekend. Despite all the crazy hype […]

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Roger Ebert’s Review of SATC2: “Some of these people make my skin crawl.”

Posted by PZ on May 28th, 2010

Sex and The City 2 is absolutely everywhere I look, as the cast gear up for its launch all around the world, reviews of the second film have already been released. One reviewer, who I firmly side with, abhors everything that Sex and The City is. For me, SATC2 devalues the face of the movie […]

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SATC 2 UK Premiere: Sarah Jessica Parker Loves Those Hats

Posted by Alyssa on May 27th, 2010

After the first Sex and the City we all saw Carrie’s love for headpieces in the attempted wedding scene, where she wears a teal bird on the side of her head, but the love extends past the character to the actress herself. Sarah Jessica Parker recently revealed in an interview with Moviefone  the one piece […]

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Is ‘Sex and the City 2’ anti-Muslim?

Posted by sparky on May 25th, 2010

Is ‘Sex and the City 2‘ anti-Muslim?  I don’t see it. No doubt,  some Muslims won’t be too happy with the movie.  No – there’s no graphic representation of Muhammad.  And it’s not because it will probably be a really horrible movie.   Though this is a legitimate reason to be upset.  Rather, it’s because […]

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Who is the least sexy in ‘Sex and the City’?

Posted by sparky on May 16th, 2010

I just read that Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie Bradswhaw was voted least sexy of  the leading four female characters on ‘Sex and the City’.  I also read that Ms. Parker was not pleased by this result.  See here. I don’t agree with this at all.  I think the Samantha Jones’ character played by Kim […]

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Kim Cattrall has Heidi Montag face in the new Sex and the City 2 movie poster

Posted by Christine on April 30th, 2010

Safe to say that I’m beyond excited for this movie.  I think they could make a Sex and the City 45 and I would still be ready to strap on my Manolos and teeter on over to the theater after one too many cosmos.  However, in the movie poster for the latest installment with Carrie […]

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