Sex and the City 2 Ticket Sales Drops 65% in Week 2

Posted by PZ on June 6th, 2010

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker(C) attends a Japan premiere for the film Sex and the city 2 in Tokyo, Japan, on June 1 2010. UPI/STR Photo via Newscom

It’s only it’s second week in the box office, but it looks as though we can officially call SATC2 a huge flop.  In it’s second week, ticket sales for the 2 and a half hour long advertisement for botox, Louis Vuitton and gluttony have dropped by 65% of the amount it made in it’s first week. Shrek Forever After is still on top, and doing well, while SATC2 is looking less appealling them Kim Cattrall’s in your face cleavage. SATC has failed to live up to it’s expectations, especially for the people who actually thought it was a wonderful idea to invest money in it – the studio were hoping for a much better performance. Lets hope that means that they decide not to make another one!

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