Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Psycho Fan

Posted by Moxie on August 10th, 2010

43016, HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - Tuesday July 27, 2010. Michael Cera at the Los Angeles premiere of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World held at the Grauman's Chinese Theater, Los Angeles. Photograph:  Tuukka Jantti,

Michael Cera is a pretty private guy, I think – his characters may say or do outrageous things, and he totally commits, but when it comes to his personal life, Michael keeps mum. Interviewers sometimes seem to have a hard time getting a straight answer out of him, even for pretty banal questions, so I would imagine being sexually harassed by a fan would freak him out.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Cera recounts an encounter with a loony starfucker who told the actor he looked like her fiance, hugged him before he could get away, and then asked, “Can I suck your d**k?” Cera says:

“I pulled away from her. And the cigarette smoke was just falling out of her mouth. It was such a scary image. And then I saw her pull her shirt down for some other guy. There was something demonic and terrifying about it. She was completely crazy. All it did was make me put a few more bricks in the wall I already have.”

I dunno, Michael, maybe she wasn’t crazy, after all. Maybe she was just filled with lust at the site of those promiscuous ankles. Hike those pants a little higher, yeah? Ohhhh, yeah.

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