The Science of Celebrity Breakdowns

Posted by sparky on January 24th, 2012

Check out this cool celebrity infographic.  It’s about some of the mental illnesses, in particular bipolar disorder, OCD, narcissistic personality disorder,  major depression, and addiction that some well known celebrities have experienced.

The infographic makes me wonder if being a celebrity plays any causal role in these mental illnesses.  It also makes me wonder if one might become a celebrity as a result of a mental illness.    Whatever the case may be, if these stars actually did have breakdowns because of the mental illnesses listed below, and I’m not sure that they did, then I feel sorry for them.  And though I don’t have their money or fame, I realize how lucky I am that I don’t have these sorts of problems.   Being a celebrity may be cool, but it’s definitely not worth giving up your mind.

The Science of Celebrity Breakdowns

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