Scarlett & Orlando, Co-Stars?

Posted by Kimberly on May 11th, 2007


Word on the street says Orlando Bloom and Scarlett Johansson are in talks to star in the next big sword and sandals epic. Roman Polanski is set to turn the Robert Harris book Pompeii into a movie. It’s, of course, about the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius but shown through the eyes of a young engineer. Do we REALLY need to see Orlando Bloom weilding a sword in yet another period piece? And I thought it was pretty obvious that these epics don’t exactly bring in big box office numbers anymore….except The 300, of course, which didn’t have any huge names attached and was unique. I think they could take a page out of that book, because the concept sound promising! Production on the film is set to start this summer.

Oh, and I’m sure US Weekly and all of it’s counterparts are ALREADY planning their Orlando & Scarlett love match headlines.


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