Scarlett Johansson Speaks on Her Nude Phone-Hacking Photos

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Scarlett Johansson has opened up on the time her phone was hacked and intimate, private nude photos were leaked onto the internet. Scarlett said that it was already a hard time for her because of her relationship and other family issues and that just made it worse. Luckily she was able to see the bright side and is happy now that she’s moving forward and made things more manageable for herself:

“It was a crazy time. I had some problems in my family and publicly, my relationship — all that stuff. It was like ‘Oh man what next?’ But life has ebbs and flows, don’t you think? Things are more manageable now, but I’m sure something will crumble. I keep it together. I am relatively composed but I can also lose my s***. I’m pretty controlled, and probably controlling too, for better or worse. I’m working on it.”

Commenting on dating people who don’t act, Scarlett admits it has its pros and cons, on one hand dating another actor makes it easier to understand each other’s work, but dating someone outside of the industry is equally as good because it’s more interesting:

“I think there are challenges whether that person’s in your profession or not. It’s nice that [fellow actors] can relate, and you have a shorthand when you’re talking about work, but that can also be monotonous. For me, most importantly, I look for a partner who is creative. I like people that have a colourful way of looking at things, that are inspiring and like art, music and film’.”