Savannah Bananas reacted amusingly to Carlos Correa’ trade

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Correa’s contract negotiations with the New York Mets appear to have stalled due to the club’s concerns about the infielder’s physical.

The Bananas responded to the Correa situation in a manner appropriate for their ballclub

Carlos Correa' trade

While fans have been anticipating what will happen between Correa and the Mets. The Bananas poked fun at the situation on Twitter on Tuesday.

They tweeted about it: “Rumor has it Carlos Correa is actually just holding out until we send him a contract. Sorry for the chaos everyone,”

The Bananas are an exhibition baseball team known for their lighthearted approach to the game. They followed suit with their Correa tweet. Maybe, after he retires, Correa will return to the Bananas and make that tweet come true.

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