Sandra Bullock Seen Out Without Wedding Ring

Posted by PZ on April 20th, 2010

Sandra Bullock has been keeping a very low profile since the news about her cheating husband broke, but she was spotted last week out hiking in California, and sources say she wasn’t wearing her ring.  It is looking more and more doubtful that the couple will reconcile considering all that has gone on. It looks as though Sandra’s made up her mind on this one.

According to reports yesterday, the couple will be getting divorced and are just working out everything involved before filing the papers. Entertainment Tonight have the official rights to the photo of Sandra without her ring, which has not yet been released. According to them, Sandra is seen:

drinking coffee and wearing a hat, with a scarf around her neck -the star looked somber despite the occasional smile, wearing barely any makeup. Sandra’s left hand, in plain sight, was undoubtedly unadorned, with no sight of her vintage French platinum band along with intertwining diamonds”

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