Sandra Bullock Had To Give Back The Award She Actually Deserved

Posted by Moxie on April 19th, 2010

In a twist of something that we glasses-wearing, Franzia-swilling, fancy-pants elitist writers like to call “irony,” Sandra Bullock had to give back the Razzie she won for All About Steve. Sadly, she did not let her conscience be her guide and give back that Oscar she stole from someone who didn’t win it for dyeing her hair and doing a Peggy Hill impersonation.

Apparently Miss Gracie Lou Freebush (because, c’mon, that drawl def belongs to a pageant contestant) accidentally took home the wrong statue. The Razzies use a single trophy for the actual ceremonies, and the winners receive a cheap knock-off literally worth $4.79. The original is the same one that’s been used for 30 years, so it’s got a fair amount of sentimental and collector’s-market value.

Sandra is in the unique position of having won a Razzie and an Oscar, and she should take advantage of it. If I were Sandra, I would put my trophies next to my bed, and award them as I saw fit to all the way-hotter-than-Jesse-James guys I’d be revenge-banging. Living up to the awards’ legacies, you know.

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