Samantha Ronson Is A Responsible Pet Owner

Posted by Moxie on August 31st, 2010

44199, WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - Tuesday August 31 2010. Samantha Ronson heads for home in the wee small hours after DJing on the day her dog allegedly killed another pooch. As she left her gig at around 2am on Tuesday morning, Sam was approached by Lindsay Lohan and her friend Eliat Anschel (not photographed). Lohan was shouting at her on/off girlfriend, giving the photographer the impression they were arguing again. Before she drove away, the DJ flipped off the photographers, then drove off with Eliat and Lindsay in pursuit. Eliat was diriving. Photograph:  David Tonnessen,

Samantha Ronson had been implicated in the death of her neighbor’s dog, and despite the glazed, undead look in her eye in the header picture, no, she did not secretly suck out all of its blood in the middle of the night, leaving behind a little doggy hand-puppet.

911 was called around mid-morning yesterday because a “pitbull” was attacking a smaller dog and its owner. The pitbull was later identified as a bulldog whose tags matched Ronson’s address, and Ronson does own a bulldog named Cadillac. The smaller dog was apparently a Maltese weighing 3 to 5 pounds (most of it in fur and whatever organ all that yapping comes out of). The owner was treated for mild injuries, but the Maltese was dead when law enforcement arrived. The bulldog was not collected by Animal Control, and there’s no news on what might happen to it.

Remember when Jessica Simpson’s dog was eaten by a coyote, and how that was like 99% sad but maybe 1% secretly hilarious? Because Jessica Simpson’s dog would get eaten by something. This is just all-over sad, though. Poor puppy. Here’s a picture of the Maltese, courtesy of TMZ (perhaps Cadillac thought he was attacking a mop?):

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