Saira Khan, 54, showing off her real body and stripped down to her bikini, leaving fans swooning

In the stunning holiday snaps taken during Saira Khan’s trip to Bali, she posed in her bikini, showing off her real body while stripping down to her underwear.

While taking a stroll around her villa’s garden, she entertained her Instagram followers with candid shots.

In her caption, Saira wrote: “In 5 years time when I look back at these photos I will be 59yrars old . I will remind myself that in these photos I was happy, relaxed, healing from a slipped disc and totally at ease with my body.

“I will not look back and think ‘ why wasn’t I happy in myself and my body? There’s nothing f*****g wrong with the way I look.’ I’ve done that so many times in my life – looked at my old photos and thought ‘ why weren’t you confident in your body….you look f*****g great.”

“I’m done with that self destructing and self limiting b******t! F*****g society and its “abnormal standards for women!” But it’s time to stop blaming society and start taking responsibility for your own mental health and self care.

“God, when you realise how many years and time you’ve spent feeling insecure in your body because you’ve been trying to fit ‘what society’ thinks is beautiful – you want to kick yourself!

“Never, ever, ever will I hate my body, never ever will I try and have a flat stomach and never ever will I be ungrateful for what my body has helped me get over.

“This is a post for female empowerment. Not a photo dump for men to tell me ‘how fit’ I look – I do not need male validation – especially from men I do not know- so kindly spare the ‘sleazy, creepy, weird,’ messages! “Ladies I’m posing in a bikini to show you that at 54 I have marks, folds, imperfect skin and am not tall, slim or have a bikini body – things are saggy – that’s ok !

“Wear what you want – but do not wear Shame, hate or self loathing – that will not suit you at all!”

In the stunning holiday snaps taken during Saira Khan's trip to Bali, she posed in her bikini, showing off her real body while stripping down to her underwear.
(Image: instagram/@iamsairakhan)

It wasn’t long before fans began praising Saira, with one describing her as a “great role model.”

A follower exclaimed, “Beautiful words. Beautiful Saira inside and out.”

Another said: “Flaming love you.. and you look amazing.”

After joining Loose Women in September 2015, Saira stepped down from the ITV daytime show in March 2020.

(Image: instagram/@iamsairakhan)

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About Saira Khan :

Saira Khan (born 15 May 1970) is a British television personality who competed on The Apprentice in 2005, finishing runner up.

She participated in The Great Sport Relief Bake Off 2012, and from 2012 to 2017, she co-presented The Martin Lewis Money Show. She presented the ITV show Guess This House in 2015.