Ryan Reynolds As The Green Lantern Will Defeat His Enemies By Melting Their Panties

Posted by Moxie on July 15th, 2010

Phwoar. Do want. Entertainment Weekly‘s cover has the first look at Ryan Reynold’s costume in the Green Lantern re-boot and it. Is. Yummy. I mean, he’s wearing a skin-tight bodysuit, there’s no way they could have gone wrong.

Of course, a significant faction of the comic book nerds are like, “Why is it all muscle-y? It doesn’t look like the original. Is he going to glow the entire time? My asthma inhaler doesn’t have enough juice to facilitate the proper expression of my outrage.”

These are people who clearly don’t recognize that Ryan Reynolds is sex on legs and that this might actually be a comic-book superhero movie that girls go to see, thereby exponentially increasing the nerds’ chances of someday touching a boob that’s not their own, even if it is an accidental graze as they exasperatedly throw their hands in the air.

Just kidding. The nerds have every right to their nerdy feelings, and I agree that there’s no point in adapting something – especially something well-loved – if there’s no attempt at loyalty to the technical details or the spirit.

But I don’t give a flying flip about the Green Lantern, so I repeat: Yum.

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