Ryan Gosling Strolls Around in New York Looking Super Hot!

Posted by PZ on April 11th, 2012

Ryan Gosling has that super cool, nonchalant thing going on that only people like James Dean have mastered in the past. That slightly un-washed manly man appeal that can make any woman within a mile radius drool and frantically put on lipstick. Spotted out in New York, Ryan looked relaxed yet stylish in a ethnic printed t-shirt, purple cardigan and skinny jeans. He completed his look with worn-looking lace-up army boots, a pendant necklace and sunglasses. This off-duty ensemble is really flattering while he doesn’t end up looking like a fashion victim either.

It can be difficult for a guy, to walk that line between being fashionable and being a Bryan Boy-esque fashion vomit – so, so many guys fail for different reasons. Ryan however, has mastered it. It’s stylish but refined and unfussy, and there is nothing novelty or overtly ostentatious that is in any way off-putting. Ryan shows the guys a thing or two about playing it cool and looking like you didn’t put in drop of effort – he gets an A+ for effort, A+++ for hotness.

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