Russell Crowe Critcizes Circumcision on Twitter

Posted by PZ on June 10th, 2011


Russell Crowe has launched an angry tirade via twitter aimed at parents who have their children circumcised. Russell commented that he believes those who “cut things off” their children are “barbaric” and then he urged anyone who disagrees with his ideas to “f**k off”. He took to Twitter to comment:

“Circumcision is barbaric and stupid. Who are you to correct nature? Is it real that God requires a donation of foreskin? Babies are perfect. (I have) many Jewish friends, I love my Jewish friends, I love the apples and the honey and the funny little hats but stop cutting yr (your) babies.”

Responding to his those who argued back at him, Russell tweeted:

“We can get by without little fingers and toes too, we can still be fully human missing limbs… I will always stand for the perfection of babies, I will always believe in God, not man’s interpretation of what God requires… Last of it, if u feel it is yr (your) right 2 (to) cut things off yr (your) babies please unfollow and f**k off, I’ll take attentive parenting over barbarism.”

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